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The prints I sell are all giclée (inkjet) prints, made to order by myself on my own personal printer. Giclée printing gives the highest possible print quality, both in terms of resolution and color vibrancy.

I offer a few different sizes and finish options- 13"x19" metallic, 8"x10" metallic, 8"x10" matte, and 5"x7" matte.

The metallic papers have a light metallic luster under the ink layer, giving them higher contrast and vibrancy and a sheen that is absolutely delightful in the light. They're perfect as stand alone artworks and excel when not placed behind glass or plastic; I recommend matting them and letting them shine as the centerpiece on your wall.

The matte papers don't have quite as high of contrast and saturation, which makes them excellent additions to a gallery wall or other busy art space. Because they don't have a shine of their own they work wonderfully behind glass or other clear surfaces, and will look lovely framed on your mantelpiece or shelf.

All my prints are printed boarderless by default, but I'm happy to shrink the image slightly and add a white boarder if that will make it easier for you to frame or mat it- or if you just prefer that look!

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