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About The Artist

Lune Whitlock

Art is by far my biggest passion. I've been drawing since I was first big enough to grip a crayon, and I try to maintain that childlike delight in all my paintings. I draw inspiration from the many artists in my family, from fantasy and sci fi fashions, and from the beautiful natural world of the pacific northwest.

I strive to capture real moments in my paintings, even when the subjects are fictional or abstract. I want them to feel like snapshots of real worlds, with all the movement and character of a candid photo. I love playing with bright harmonious color pallets and strongly colored light, both for the fun of the challenge and the emotion it helps invoke.
I took up needle felting for the first time in 2017 and fell in love immediately. It's a very tactile artform, and there's something beautiful about taking something as light as tufts of wool and working them into solid shapes right in your hands.  I try to bring the same bright colors and lively energy into my sculptures as I do in my paintings, to create not just items, but creatures.
I've collected some of my best work here, for viewing and for sale. I hope you enjoy them <3

wood bg nosig_edited.jpg

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